Environmental Compliance

It is Azcon Metals’s policy to comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding the protection of the environment and the safety of its workplaces.

Employees are to be trained in matters regarding safety and environmental compliance. Managers are to implement appropriate accountability systems and report results that are monitored through all layers of management up to and including Board level.

Azcon's rigorous environmental compliance program includes:

  •   Quarterly Site Inspections
  •   Storm Water Pollution Prevention Programs (SWPPPs)
  •   Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Programs (SPCCs)
  •   Inbound Material / Infeed Control Programs
  •   Radiation-Detection Systems at All Plants
  •   Waste Management
  •   Air Pollution Prevention

Safety Information

Azcon has established as one of its highest priorities a formal Safety Program in order to ensure the safety of its workplaces for employees, customers and vendors. The comprehensive program includes:

  •   Operator Training
  •   Fall Prevention
  •   Safe Railroading Work Practices
  •   Bloodborne Pathogens Control
  •   Respirator Protection
  •   PPE
  •   Confined Space Entry