Core Business

Azcon Metals's core business is comprised of:

  • Processing Yards
  • Mill Scrap Management
  • Brokerage
Founded in 1863, Azcon Metals is a leading scrap processor, broker, and mill-services management company.

With 5 plants and trading offices located throughout strategic steelmaking regions of the United States, Azcon Metals is a specialist in providing steel mills, foundries, and industrial producers with end-to-end scrap management and transportation services.

If you are interested in buying or selling scrap, click here for a list of contacts.

Other Focuses

Azcon also provides:

  • Relaying and Rerolling Rail
  • Rolling Stock
  • Semi-Finished and Finished Steel
  • Railroad Equipment
In addition to scrap iron, Azcon offers a range of products including relaying and rerolling rail, semi-finished steel, prime steel bar, and usable railroad equipment including locomotives, rolling stock and component parts.

Azcon has removed more than 18,000 miles of abandoned track - more than any other private company in the United States - from all major U.S. and Canadian rail systems.